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Fight in the urban world of New Eridu and discover its secrets

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Zenless Zone Zero is an action RPG developed by the creators of the spectacular Genshin Impact, which leaves behind that magical fantasy setting in favor of a much more urban style, closer to the classic post-apocalyptic settings. Almost the entire adventure takes place, in fact, in the metropolis of New Eridu, the last bastion of humanity in this world on the edge of the precipice.

Polished and improved controls

Ever since Honkai Impact 3rd, HoYoverse has always offered perfectly polished gameplay adapted to touch devices. And Zenless Zone Zero is no exception. The game features standard controls, with the virtual stick on the screen's left side and all action buttons on the right. From the options menu, as is now customary, you can customize the layout of all the buttons to better fit your hands. And, of course, you can also connect a gamepad via Bluetooth if you prefer.

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Dynamic and spectacular combat

Undoubtedly, the main draw of Zenless Zone Zero is its combat. The game places you in the shoes of Proxy (your protagonist), whom you will have to guide through the so-called Hollows, these extradimensional dungeons where you will find all sorts of monsters and dangerous creatures called Ethereals. Fortunately, you will have help during these battles. As you progress through the game, you can recruit new Agents who will fight by your side throughout the adventure. In fact, you'll be able to switch between characters during combat, creating spectacular combos.

New Eridu, an exciting world

One of the highlights of Zenless Zone Zero is its main hub, the city of New Eridu, which you can explore with relative freedom. The HoYoverse studio is known for creating spectacular settings and environments, and with ZZZ, they have done it again. The in-game world feels alive thanks to the many characters you can interact with and its spectacular combination of styles and settings, which sometimes evoke futuristic and urban fantasy aesthetics. All this appears in the studio's classic visual style, which makes the game look like an anime where you are the protagonist.

Allied and enemy factions

In Zenless Zone Zero, you will find various factions, both Agents hoping to join your cause and enemies who will fight against you. Factions such as Belobog Heavy Industries and Cunning Hares will allow you to recruit some of the most charismatic Agents in the game, with characters such as Grace Howard or Billy Kid, which you can obtain through the gacha system. As far as enemies are concerned, you will fight both the Ethereals, who make up the majority of the monsters you will face, and the Corrupted, creatures that have been corrupted by a strange substance that has infected the air in some areas. Slowly but surely, you will discover who you can trust and should be wary of.

An outstanding ARPG

Download the Zenless Zone Zero APK and enjoy one of the best third-person action games you can find on Android—a tremendously well-designed title bearing the HoYoverse seal of quality. As expected with any of this studio's releases, ZZZ will also see content added periodically with each new update. Many more characters, Agents, settings, missions, and special bosses are on the horizon.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

Where can I download the Zenless Zone Zero APK?

You can download the Zenless Zone Zero APK from Uptodown. Here, you can download from the first CBT to the latest updates that will be gradually released.

How can I access Zenless Zone Zero's beta?

You can access Zenless Zone Zero's beta by registering in its official web site. Cognosphere has sent several invites to thousands of users, who will be able to test the game before anyone else.

What are the best characters in Zenless Zone Zero?

Defining the best characters in Zenless Zone Zero actually depends on your game style. This will allow you to progressively unlock new warriors with whom to start each mission.

When does Zenless Zone Zero come out on Android?

Zenless Zone Zero for Android came out on August 5, 2022. From that day on, you can enjoy the first closed beta of this game, whose APK you can download if you've previously registered to test this new title.

Information about Zenless Zone Zero 1.0.0

Package Name com.HoYoverse.Nap
License Free
Op. System Android
Category RPG
Language English
26 more
Author HoYoverse
Downloads 37,076
Date Jul 3, 2024
Content Rating +12
Advertisement Not specified
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52 reviews


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danterion icon
4 days ago

There are days when I wake up and think that with all the time I've wasted playing MiHoyo games, I could write a novel, have more children, or get a postgraduate degree. Then I get a rapper bear in th...

slowredcrab86201 icon
2 days ago

Very good game

modernpurpleowl43621 icon
3 days ago

Very bad performance, it is impossible for my phone to easily run Genshin Impact at 50 fps and here as soon as I open the game it closes by itself, I wonder why they preferred to release it on phones ...

valery2007 icon
4 days ago

Yes it's going well for me but I would like them to add a guest account and I don't like waiting so long I'll just play the game

ledger icon
5 days ago


freshblackcedar50059 icon
6 days ago

I loved it very good


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